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About Resiliency Speaks

Resiliency is the ability to cope and recover when life happens. Doubts, fears, uncertainties, and stressors come our way but we have the ability to get through it. Resiliency is a gift and it can hold sacred space in all of us.

Becoming resilient involves living our truth, being brave, and being vulnerable. Resiliency Speaks will help you recognize your power.


Resiliency Speaks partners with individuals, families, professionals, and organizations who want to learn how to rise above their circumstances. We are intentional about helping people heal and evolve.

Our mission is to provide quality services by empowering people to live their truth, heal, grow, and become resilient.



Our vision is to  give people the tools to live in light, hope, purpose, and resiliency.



Our social justice stance is that we reject racism, oppression, injustice, and discrimination. We respect the dignity, worth, and value of all human beings.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Social Justice Stance

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