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Mental Health Services














Individual Counseling

Individual counseling requires one on one work with a therapist to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Individual counseling can help you learn how to take charge of your life.















Couples/Marriage Counseling


Couples/marriage counseling seeks to improve your relationship. Counseling is an important step to gain clarity and resolve conflicts in your relationship. This work also helps you find joy in rediscovering one another.



Happy Couple














Family Counseling

Family counseling improves communication and resolves conflicts.  It targets specific areas that maybe affecting the overall health and well being of the family. Family counseling can create a better functioning unit.


Our specialties include...


Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Stress Management, Women's Issues, Work Life Balance

We treat the following mental health and life stressors... 

Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Bipolar Disorder, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills, Depression, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Emotional Disturbance, Family Conflict, Grief, Infertility, Infidelity, Life Transitions, Men's Issues, Parenting, Peer Relationships, Pregnancy (prenatal and postpartum), Racial Identity, Relationship Issues, School Issues, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Identity, Stress, Trauma and PTSD, Women's Issues, Work Life Balance

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